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Modern Press Services

We provide specialized press options, such as Targeted Media Outreach. If you’re looking for news releases to build a brand and strengthen your client’s brand voice, go no further than our press release service.

Why A Press Release?

A press release is a useful tool for promoting your company, website, event, or anything else you want to get noticed online. By distributing a high-quality press release article together with the news of your announcement, you will gain high-quality, high-authority natural links back to your website.

Why Website Links Press?

Website Links News provides excellent news releases that are sent independently, providing privacy and security, for customers and specific websites. By providing top-notch authors, a senior-level writing option, and unlimited revisions or rewrites, they ensure that the papers they produce are original, of the highest quality, and free from distorted material or poor English.

We promise that Google News will include our premium press releases, increasing website traffic, views, lead generation, click-throughs, and brand authority. 

Our Easy Procedure:

  • Choose your quantity first
  • Send Information
  • Approve the Release
  • Get the best newswire distribution




250+ news sites like Digital Journal, FOX 28, Wicz, FOX 43, NCN, News Net, and Google news

  • Submit press release
  • Format press release
  • Research PR ideas
  • SEO keywords
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400+ sites like AP News, Benzinga, Affiliates of NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, Google News and Bing News

  • Submit press release
  • Format press release
  • Research PR ideas
  • SEO keywords
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Frequently Asked Questions

With over 100 carefully validated links, our premium press release syndication distributes your press release to over 450 news outlets, including high-end ones like Fox and NBC, and assures Google News Inclusion.

For each news release, you must submit your press release information via the order form.We require the following minimal details for the company’s contact information:

– Company Name
– Country
– Website URL

The topic, target keywords, further information, any additional facts, and any media embeds or photographs you wish to include will all be requested as part of the press release content submission process.

Additionally, we require the specifics of your link:
Along with one bare URL to the website, there are two or three sets of anchor text and URLs in the Media Contact section. You can supply all URLs in their original format if you’d prefer.

Yes, this choice is available for both our Premium Press Release (also known as Bulk Releases) and our Targeted Media Outreach Campaign. Unfortunately, not on our Standard Press Release.
Clients note that integrating maps and videos in press releases, which is restricted to one item per release but is free, successfully increases traffic and local SEO ranks on YouTube.

Yes, they still offer fantastic brand mentions and authority links. Additionally, local SEO experts employ them to improve GMB listing ranks.

Refund Policy

We do not do refunds Once We start Working On Your Order